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February 5, 2013

Next week I record my comedy album for  -             ‏ (SEA) &  (PDX) RSVP!

WEDNESDAY FEBRUARY 13 SEATTLE, WA @ COLUMBIA CITY THEATER Two shows:  8pm & 10pm 21+ with Ian Karmel

RSVP for FREE Tickets (please indicate show preference): booking@columbiacitytheater.com  

THURSDAY FEB 14 PORTLAND, OR @ MISSISSIPPI STUDIOS Two shows:  8pm & 10pm 21+ with Jason Traeger and Ian Karmel
 RSVP for FREE Tickets (please indicate show preference):  tickets@mississippistudios.com

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Kurt Braunohler hails from the backwater diners of Neptune, NJ. He moved to Baltimore, then Brooklyn, and now resides in the City of Broken Dreams, LA...more

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