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October 31, 2012

To celebrate Halloween I made a mix from 1998 instead of doing real work. You should listen to it. It’s probably what I was listening to in 1998.

1.    Hello Hawk – Superchunk
2.    Herjazz – Huggy Bear
3.    Plumb Line – Archers of Loaf
4.    Girl Germs – Bratmobile
5.    Skull – Sebadoh
6.    Fly South – Retsin
7.    True Dreams of Wichita – Soul Coughing
8.    Sorry Again – Velocity Girl
9.    Ron – Slint
10.    Ladybug Superfly – Slant 6
11.    The Wagon – Dino Jr.
12.    6’1” – Liz Phair
13.    Quarter Past Midnight – DJ Shadow
14.    Fairlane – Ever Green

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