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July 12, 2012

GREETING CARD PROJECT: DENVER! This is the first card of a 4 card set that I bought in Denver, CO at a Walgreens on the corner of Martin Luther King Jr and Quebec St yesterday. I signed them and showed them to the audience at the Gothic Theatre at a show last night. (It was a great show, thanks to Andy, Andy, and Adam at The Grapes of Rad for bringing us out.) HERE’S THE KICKER! I didn’t have time to return the cards to the shelves before my early flight this morning. So I enlisted help from the audience. I gave the cards to a girl I THINK is named Trish? Trish, are you out there? What’s your actual name? We need proof that you actually put them back at the Walgreens! Take some photos and post them!

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    I’ve been posting Kurt’s greeting cards on various social media sites to celebrate Jory’s birthday. This one has nothing...
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