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June 27, 2014
June 25, 2014

Dirty Dog (Baby gets humped by dog)

June 22, 2014

There’s still a great Hot Tub tomorrow, but unfortunately we will NOT be recording as an album. Poor Kristen had a bike accident over the weekend. She’s doing fine, but will not be able to perform for the next two weeks. We’ll let you know as soon as the recording’s get rescheduled!

June 17, 2014



Monday, June 23rd & June 30th!

Tickets at http://hottub.nightout.com
*June 30th tickets on sale starting June 24th.

More Hot Tub:
Instagram ~ @Hot_Tub_Show

*Poster by Garrett Ross

June 10, 2014

New Boat Show all about the first 3 days of my jet ski trip from Chicago to New Orleans! Play it right here! 

Still time to donate to the campaign to send 500 goats and 100 chickens to Africa!

June 9, 2014

Last week I did the Mancow morning radio show in Chicago.

 It did not go well.

As a comic, I’ve done a lot of morning radio. It’s the main press for most Midwest clubs. Never have I had an experience like the one I just had.

 Everybody is familiar with the Morning Zoo stereotype – the sound effects, the enforced “fun” environment, the sidekicks who are treated like piles of garbage by the bully host.

 What I wasn’t ready for was the intense and immediate misogyny and racism. Right as I walked in, Mancow was explaining, in reference to the three women who were on the show, that he doesn’t allow any of his staff to have sex with any of “his” women until he has sex with them first. (One of the women was a Fox News Anchor – a professional. She said nothing the entire time I was there. The other two women just stood there in low cut tops, not saying anything either, primarily used as eye candy. They were instructed to stand next to men who were allowed to speak on the show.)

 Then, as I explained that I was jet-skiing from Chicago to New Orleans to raise money to send 500 goats to African families, he launched into an insanely racist riff where he explained that the reason I was sending goats to Africa was so that African men could rape the goats and give them Aids instead of giving it to African women. And he kept pausing for me to jump in. I just stared at him. I wasn’t going to hop in and play with him.

 Then, after Mancow figured I was no fun, they kept playing clips from Elliot Rodger’s now famous Youtube video. They seemed to be playing it almost as straight content with no comment. They’d just cut to it every once in a while, like, “Check out this zany nut!”

 And I realized what I should have said. I should have said that part of the reason that kid mass murdered people is because of a culture of misogyny, a culture that this show was actively creating and enforcing. But instead I said nothing. I just waited to be allowed to leave. And for that I’m the real coward in this situation. I didn’t speak up, primarily to avoid an awkward social and professional situation.

 But what’s the worst that would have happened? It would have gotten uncomfortable for a few minutes? I’m not invited back to the Mancow show? Who gives a shit. I’m not going back even if I am invited.

 So, this is me, making a public statement: I’m going to speak up, even if it means making things uncomfortable. I’m not going to sit politely and ignore bigotry. Obviously morning zoos on Fox Radio are not the easiest place to speak up, but they’re not the hardest either. I just have to try. I’m not going to just stand around and smile while you spout ignorance and hatred. I just can’t afford to anymore.

June 4, 2014
June 3, 2014
June 2, 2014
June 1, 2014

Our gift to the smallest town in IL (8 people): “KASKASKIA: We’re Doin’ Fine!” #roustabout #getwet4goats

May 30, 2014

Tried to make it to St Louis. Stranded 40 miles south of Chicago in a nightmare factory.

May 30, 2014
May 29, 2014

Some men are born into greatness, others have greatness thrust upon them, and some others are just super dumb. There’s still time to donate money to send 500 goats to Africa while I jet ski from Chicago to New Orleans! http://igg.me/at/jetski #Roustabout

May 28, 2014

Shows info!

For those of you in Chicago, St Louis, or New Orleans - here’s some info to come out and see some comedy while I’m jet-skiing through your town.

On Friday May 30th at 9am, come see me off at a Bon Voyage party with Wyatt Cenac at Chicago Navy Pier. We’ll be at the east end of the pier, on the South side. We’ll make some speeches, christen the jet-skis, and depart. The Mayor will be there!

On Saturday, May 31st, Jon Daly and I will do a free daytime show at Big Daddy’s Lacledes Landing. The exact time is still TBD - but I’ll post it here when we know!

On Thursday June 5th we’ll do a free show at One Eyed Jack’s in New Orleans - go here for an RSVP - http://www.oneeyedjacks.net/event/roustabout-live-with-kurt-braunohler/

More info to come soon!

May 27, 2014



This is the tuxedo wetsuit Kurt Braunohler will be wearing as he jet-skis from Chicago to New Orleans on Roustabout beginning Friday.

Track his progress here and be sure to follow @kurtbraunohler on Twitter.

Kurt Braunohler hails from the backwater diners of Neptune, NJ. He moved to Baltimore, then Brooklyn, and now resides in the City of Broken Dreams, LA...more

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